Terri Boehm Golf is located at:
Missouri Bluffs Golf Club
18 Research Park Circle
St. Charles, MO  63304

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Lesson Guidelines


*NEW CLIENTS*   I recommend you sign up for a single lesson and see if you like my style.  Do I speak your language and most important am I listening to you?   The results will help you answer these questions.  

Research has shown that people obtain the results they desire when they have a clear goal in mind.  A goal creates an intention and this in turn focuses peoples' attention.  During a coaching session you will educate me on what it is you want.  I will educate you on what you are currently doing, what I think you can physically do at that time and what you need to do to achieve your goals.  

I provide coaching to students on the short game, the full swing, on-course management, the mental game and fitness.  At a coaching session I will evaluate your current equipment and if necessary make recommendations for alternative equipment.  Equipment changes are only required if we determine it is preventing you from reaching your goals.  When I feel it will help the student achieve his or her goals I will use video. 

And lastly, I make every effort to make the coaching sessions fun!

Methods of Payment:

Cash or check preferred.  Credit cards are accepted.