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Coaching vs Teaching


From my own personal experience taking golf lessons, I have learned the best golf instructors don’t have to impress their students by letting them know how knowledgeable they are about the golf swing.  Rather the best golf instructors learn more from their students as quickly as they can and then use that information to teach their students the golf skills they need to reach their goals and are capable of doing.  Effective, efficient and successful golf instruction comes from the relationship built between the student and the instructor within the first few minutes of a lesson.  Each student comes to the lesson tee with his or her own beliefs, experiences, abilities and desires.   The golf instructor or rather the “golf coach” is able to recognize and utilize all of these components to produce great golfing experiences that are unique to each student.

I have a strong passion to coach rather than teach my students.  I want all of my students to have an “AHA” moment on the lesson tee every time we work together. I am committed to learning how to effectively communicate with my students, what equipment is best suited for them, as well as the physical, mental, emotional and social components of golf and the role they play in my students golfing experiences. I am dedicated to learning through my work on the lesson tee, books, videos, seminars, classes and other golf professionals the tools and techniques required to help as many students, with a variety of skill levels reach their golfing goals and have fun doing it.

The bottom line is, I truly want to help people with their golfing goals and desires.  I consider each student a gift.  Students bring me experiences, opportunities and the reward of witnessing their successes and for that I am grateful to each one of them.  In exchange I want to provide them with the knowledge to enable them to reach their golfing goals!